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Develop an on-target, clinically optimised drug to the Myc oncoprotein. Exploit the broad reach of an effective Myc inhibitor to improve the lives of millions of cancer patients world-wide.


MecRx is an early stage oncology pharmaceutical company. We are developing inhibitors of the oncoprotein Myc, with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of people with cancer.


MecRx is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with collaborators and service providers from around the world. We have strategic partnerships with Australia's leading integrated cancer centre, the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, and Australia’s premier government research organisation, CSIRO.

The company is backed by leading Australian life sciences venture capital fund, the MRCF, and by the CSIRO.

Myc is one of the most highly amplified oncogenes in many human cancers. It has been estimated that Myc overexpression is a causal factor in more than half of all cancers. 


Expression of the Myc oncoprotein is dysregulated in the majority of human cancers including blood cancers, melanoma, pancreatic, lung, breast, cervical, prostate, colon, stomach, bladder, lung and brain cancers. Myc overexpression is often associated with resistance to first line therapies and more aggressive tumors. Decades of research have proven that Myc is a key target in cancer medicine.


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